Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship

Agromart is dedicated to reducing its environmental footprint and risks generated by its activities. We strive to ensure our practices are respectful to the environment in a wide variety of ways.

Environmental Compliance

Agromart takes appropriate actions to prevent pollution and complies with environmental laws, regulations and other environmental requirements.

Evaluating / Reporting

In order to manage risk and continually improve performance, The Agromart Group evaluates and reports back to management on the activities at each of its network facilities.

Environmental Emergencies Management

The Agromart Group believes in keeping up-to-date emergency plans available to its entire network in order to effectively react to environmental incidents in a timely manner, minimizing environmental and financial risks.

Environmental Assessment of Partnerships

Prior to embarking on any partnership, joint venture or investment, The Agromart Group performs environmental assessments of companies and related activities to ensure environmental compliance.

Professional Development and Training

The Agromart Group ensures all its employees and management staff are trained in up-to-date environmental management and prevention of environmental risks.

The Agromart Group is committed to sustainable development, environmental stewardship and conservation of the earth.