JV Opportunities

JV Opportunities

The AGROMART Group is always looking for new business opportunities to expand the chain of retail crop input centers. In addition, situations arise from time to time, where potential new partners may be interested in purchasing a portion of the outstanding shares of an existing AGROMART, as part of an organized succession plan at that location.

Our goal is to bring in new people that have the capability to be a major contributor to, and participant in, the future success of the business. Candidates MUST have a proven track record in the Crop Input industry and normally require some level of financial backing either through a lender, family/friends or a combination of the two. The financial commitment varies widely with each specific situation, depending on the size and profitability of the location, its growth, and the percentage of the company's shares being traded.

The Agronomy Company looks to ensure that a "Working JV Partner" is the primary decision maker on all day-to-day activities, and is not interested in partnering with "arm’s length" investors. Candidates need to be prepared to provide "sweat equity" by running the day-to-day functions of the business, such as sales, customer service, employee and customer relations, operations, and expense control within an annual approved budget. Having a JV Partner/Manager with a personal stake in the final results of the location is one of the key factors that makes our system work so well.

The Agronomy Company of Canada provides a number of support services for each JV company, which are all listed within a “AGROMART Group franchise arrangement”. The purpose of this agreement is to help improve the competitiveness and profitability of each business. Many of these services are outlined in the introductory page of this section of the website. Recent inclusions in the franchise package are high end exclusive (or semi-exclusive) crop production products marketed throughout The AGROMART Group retail businesses.

If you have a Crop Inputs business and are interested in learning more about The AGROMART Group Joint Venture/Franchise program, contact us at info@agromartgroup.com or call us at 519-461-9057.