Crop Protection

Crop Protection

Once you’ve built up a productive soil and selected a high-yielding, well-adapted hybrid/variety, it is critical to protect your crop from yield-limiting weeds, disease and pests. A key factor in protecting the yield potential you’ve worked so hard to build is properly identifying the yield-limiting factor and selecting a cost-effective treatment program that fits with your rotation and production system.

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There is a wide range of crop protection products that may fit your needs. However, selecting the right program requires in-depth knowledge of how effective the product will be under your specific situation.

  • Are the weeds, disease or pests at a susceptible stage?
  • Is the crop at a tolerant stage?
  • Will the weather conditions help or hinder the use of the product?
  • What crop will be grown next year and are there rotational restrictions of the product?
  • Are there viable alternatives that should be considered?
  • Has the economic threshold been reached?

These are just a few of the many questions that need solid answers. At your local Agromart retailer, you can count on having these questions answered by a well-trained and highly qualified person. Economical crop protection is our business.

What is Crop Protection?

Crop protection can be biological or conventional. Our crop protection products and services allow you to choose the right fit for your operation. For more than a century, the application of crop protection products has played a major role in increasing our ability to produce food. Using herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, modern breeding technologies, and advanced equipment, producers have been able to double the size of our food supply from a shrinking land base with far fewer farmers.

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