Seed Products

Seed Products

Today’s farmers have big decisions to make. There are so many seed companies out there, each offering a wide variety of hybrids and trait combinations, so choosing the right seed hybrid for your specific farm requires some very special skills.

Agromart can help.

Having an intimate product knowledge of the varieties most applicable to your farm, an understanding of your yield goals, local environmental and soil conditions, along with a realistic assessment of your business needs and expectations, help us deliver top-yielding results.

Seed placement has a huge impact on its performance, and requires in-depth training on the products’ reactions under specific soil and environmental conditions.


Agromart has strategic relationships with major seed companies, including:

SYNGENTA (formally NK), by Syngenta Canada

With their proven performance, strong product pipeline, and customer support and leadership in the IP market, Agromart is a proud supporter of the Syngenta brand.

ELITE, by La Coop Fédérée

Elite is one of the newest seed companies to enter the Ontario market, but that certainly doesn’t mean they’re a “new seed company.” Elite has become one of the leading seed brands in the Quebec market.

By accessing the Genuity line-up of genetics from Monsanto, as well as sourcing germ-plasm from European markets, Elite selects and breeds hybrids that are uniquely suited for Eastern Canadian environmental conditions.

Elite has an extensive line-up of corn, beans and small grains, and they’ve also formed key working relationships with several Western Canadian seed companies to help service that market. Agromarts across Ontario and the Maritimes are actively positioning Elite seeds in plots and trial sites across their territories in an effort to see which varieties perform best under specific local conditions.

CROPLAN GENETICS, by Winfield Solution

Croplan Genetics offers a full portfolio of Roundup Ready 2 soybeans and Genuity-based corn. Croplan Genetics is also one of three Canadian seed companies to offer Liberty Link soybeans from BAYER Crop Science.

With a strong presence in the USA, Croplan Genetics expanded their distribution into Ontario in 2006. Years of plot trial research and on-farm results have demonstrated that Croplan Genetics gives exceptional value to Ontario producers. As such, the Croplan Genetics brand is here to stay.

Croplan Genetics strives to match each seed hybrid or variety to your local field conditions in order to maximize the production of your entire farm. This strategy may include placing multiple varieties of seed on a single farm.

Croplan Genetics is one of the only Canadian seed companies who have data on which of their corn hybrids respond to factors such as fungicide applications, nitrogen (timing and rates) and planting population. With new research data showing vast differences in genetic responses to these factors, it is very important to work with a company who has access to this level of information.

DEKALB, by Monsanto

Many Agromart locations have taken on DeKalb dealerships for SmartStax corn and Roundup Ready 2 soybeans. Monsanto currently leads the industry in commercial traits, and the DeKalb line-up allows individual Agromart retailers to offer a full portfolio of seeds suited to their local market.

Combined, the wide variety of seed brands represented by Agromart retailers provides great opportunities for growers. Dedicated seed personnel at your Agromart ensures that you will get the help you need to make important decisions about the seeds you choose.

The Agromart Group leads the industry in providing both the knowledge and the technology you need to be successful in today's farming landscape.

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