Crop Advisory

Crop Advisory

The Agromart Group is a strong supporter of the Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) program in Ontario and the Maritimes. That’s why we currently have CCAs working in retail locations across Eastern Canada.

What is the Certified Crop Advisor Program?

The Certified Crop Advisor program sets industry standards for crop advisors, and ensures that the people you deal with locally are well trained and committed to helping you optimize your crops, answer important questions, and resolve crop-related issues.


What does it take to get the CCA accreditation?

In order to complete the CCA program, participants must:

  • • Pass two exams •
  • • Participate in continuing education courses •
  • • Have minimum experience and education •
  • • Adhere to a code of ethics •

After successful completion of the program, CCAs commit to putting your interests first. The success of your farming business is our number one priority.

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