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Agromart cyber-security privacy breach class action

A proposed agreement (known as a “settlement”) has been reached to resolve a class action lawsuit arising from a cyber attack and privacy breach that affected the computer systems of Agronomy Company of Canada (“Agromart”) on or about May 27, 2020. The other defendant, Sollio Agriculture LP (“Sollio AG”), is Agromart’s parent company.

You have been identified as somebody whose personal information may have been affected by this privacy breach and therefore you are part of this class action lawsuit (known as a “Class Member”).

Under the terms of the proposed settlement, Agromart and Sollio AG will pay a settlement fund totalling CAD $500,000, all-inclusive, which includes cash compensation and the funding of a 5-year credit monitoring and identify theft protection plan for participating Class Members, as well as legal fees, settlement administration expenses, interest and taxes.

Before the proposed settlement can become final, the lawsuit must be certified as a class action, and the settlement must be approved by the Court as being fair and reasonable for the Class Members. The Court hearing for certification and settlement approval is scheduled for May 28, 2024, and will be heard by online videoconference (Zoom).

At the Court hearing on May 28, 2024, the Plaintiff’s lawyers will also ask the Court to approve their legal fees and expenses to be paid from the Settlement Fund. The legal fees requested will be 30% of the Settlement Fund, plus taxes and disbursements, consistent with the contingency fee retainer agreement signed by the Plaintiff.

Your legal rights will be impacted if the settlement is approved. As a Class Member, you have the right to file a written objection or opinion to the Court regarding the settlement terms or the legal fees to be paid to the Plaintiff’s lawyers. You may also attend the hearing. For more information, including further details about the settlement and the Distribution Protocol, visit: or

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Questions about this Notice, the class action, or the settlement can be made to:

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